Selasa, 08 Maret 2011

Honda Supra XX Extreme Low Rider Bike Modifications

Honda Supra XX Extreme Low Rider Bike Modifications
This is a air-conditioned bike which aboriginal in low-ride style. This bike is declared Indonesian Low Ride. Why? There is a binder Indonesia country. So this bike is an Indonesian declared low ride. This bike ride is low use from 2002 Honda Supra XX. The absorption of modification is a low-ride appliance actualization in automatic bike. Recently the low ride has become the trend actualization modification.

The analysis of the low ride bike is looks cool. It becomes an automatic bike appropriate. It can admission the Low Ride impression. The rear bike is adapted basic Low Ride. The exhausted arm is use a custom exhausted arm which cilia covered glass. The exhausted is Fabricated best 1 meter. It tells us that this motorcycle is Low Ride. Attending at the engine! It is beside from the ground. It is adapted of Low Ride style.

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